Dr Mohammad Talebpour

Male, Born in 1964, Tehran

Nationality: Iranian
Married having a son and a daughter

Associate Professor of Tehran.Univ. Of Med. Sciences (TUMS)

Address: Laleh Hospital, Shahrak e Gharb Zone

Sina Hospital, Hasan Abad Sq.

– Tel (home) : 0098-21-77807967

– Mobile : 0098-912-1221659

– Office : 0098-21-88653160-1

– Fax : 0098-21-88799541

E. Mail: [javascript protected email address]



2010: Attending “Live surgery gastric plication workshop” and doing 4 gastric plication


2010: Attending “EAES Congress” Geneva, Switserland, 16-19 June, presenting 2 oral and 1

poster presentation

2009: Attending” The 43th International surgical week”, Adelaide, 4 to 10 September 2009,Australia, presenting to posters

2009: Attending “clinical workshop of laparoscopic sonography and RF ablation”,

Odense, Denmark,

2009: Attending “workshop of Ligasure Advance”, Paris, France,

2008: Attending The 11th World Congress Of Endoscopic Surgery WCES,Yokohama 2

to 6 Sep 2008,Japan, presenting five oral papers

2008: Attending First International Conference on “Recent advances in Minimal Access

Surgery”, New Delhi, 15 to 16 march, presenting an oral paper

2007: Attending The 42th International surgical week, ISS/ISW,Montreal 24 to 30

Aug 2007, presenting two oral papers and one poster

2006: Attending The 10th World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery and the 14th

International Congress of the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery

(EAES), Berlin 13-16 Sept. 2006, presenting three oral lectures and one poster.

2005: Attending The 5th Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Endoscopic Surgery Congress,

24-26 Nov, 2005, Tunis,Tunisia, presenting a lecture
2005: Attending The First Asian Symposium Of Trauma, 27-29 Oct, 2005, Shanghai,
China, presenting a lecture
2004: Attending the 21st Annual Meeting of the American Society for Bariatric Surgery,
12-18 June, 2004,San Diego,California,USA

2004: Attending the 12th International Congress of the European Association for

Endoscopic Surgery, 9-12 June 2004,Barcelona,Spain, Presenting 1 lecture and 1 poster

2003: Attending the 3rd Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Endoscopic Surgery Congress,

22-25 Oct, Istanbul, Turkey, Presenting 2 lectures.

2003: Attending the 1st European Endoscopic Surgery Week, 16-18June,Glasgow, Scotland

2003: Attending the Postgraduate Course entitled “Bariatric Surgery”,1st European

Endoscopic Surgery Week, 15 June, Glasgow, Scotland

2003: Analysis of tapes and documents of “Ergonomic assessment ofhand sewn

laparoscopic gastrojejunostomy of end stage gastric or pancreatic carcinoma” and

writing the paper under supervision of Prof Cuschieri,NinewellsHospital,Dundee,

U.K, 30th March to 25th April (Prof Cuschieri)

2001: Fulfillment of complementary “Postgraduate Teaching Course” in colorectal surgery

at St. Marks Hospital, London, 14th May to 15th June, (Prof Phillips)

2001: Fulfillment of complementary laparoscopic course in Colorectal and Endocrine

surgery at CivilHospital, Strasbourg, France, 15th March to 12th May (Prof


2001: Taking part in practical “Laparoscopic Digestive surgery course”. IRCAD center,

Strasbourg,France, 29th to 31st March

2001: Taking part in practical “Laparoscopic Intensive course” IRCAD center,Strasbourg,

France, 23rd to 27th April

2001: Taking part in practical “Advanced course in Laparoscopic Aortoiliac surgery

“IRCADCenter,Strabourg,France, 10th to 12th May

2000: Fulfillment of complementary Laparoscopic Fellowship course in upper abdomen

surgery at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, U.K, First of Sep to 13th March (Prof


2000: Taking part in “Practical Advanced Endoscopic Surgery Skill” 4th to 8th Dec,

Ninewells Hospital,Dundee, U.K


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